All aeronautical vehicle (plane, drone, helicopter, etc.) is faced with the problem of frost formation. Zelin and its Z experts thus offer you the implementation of a digital methodology that is specific to this problem.

Icing conditions are difficult to reproduce in the wind tunnel, and difficult to navigate through in a flight test. The simulation of the formation of frost makes it possible to limit the use of these two complexed methods for the design, optimization and certification of all the systems subject to this physical phenomenon.

The applications here include:
• The identification of components that are subject to the risk of frost (antennas, probes, etc.)
• The evaluation of the shape and mass of frost
• The impact on aerodynamic coefficients (drag, lift, moment)
• The risk of obstruction and / or ingestion in any air inlet
• The optimization of anti-icing systems

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Aerodynamic validation of a
radome for Ka-Ku antenna

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