Through numerical simulation and virtual prototyping, Zelin assists you in the development of new biomedical devices, allowing you to obtain better products, to be faster on the market launching, all these at controlled costs.

Indeed, numerical simulation is a powerful tool that’s capable of predicting the performance of biomedical systems and thus, it considerably accelerates the designing phase.

The applications here include:
• Optimization and design of biomedical systems (pulmonary / cardiac machines, dialysis, endoprostheses, pumps, heart valves, ultrasound, electrocardiograms, lasers…)
• Diagnostics enhanced by numerical simulation which allows for the obtention of a consolidated vision
• The simulation of the treatments applied for clinical decision-making (e.g. treatment of the narrowing of an artery via a “stent”)

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Evaluation of the performance of a mixer through particulate analysis

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