Aerodynamic efficiency

In order to limit a train’s energy consumption, or to ensure its good performance, it is advisable to characterize its aerodynamic efficiency.

The creation of a digital aerodynamic model of the train then makes it possible to evaluate its behavior for all types of traffic conditions; to evaluate the aerodynamic impact of all its appendages, as such, to validate and optimize its aerodynamic behavior.

Our Z Experts will specifically assist you on the following applications:
• The evaluation of aerodynamic performance in both traffic directions
• The validation of the good behavior of a train in crosswind condition
• The identification of the drag impact of the various appendages, and the optimization of their shape or positioning
• The optimization of the shape of the train (nose, bogie cavity, pantograph bathtub…)
• The impact of the train configuration (number of wagons, etc.)

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Aerothermal study of a train pipe leak

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